“DISCOVERY” First in a Series

Through years of experience we have developed a methodology on how to design, plan and build a Home or Cottage that takes much of the risk out of the process. We will take you through the journey from a simple idea to a complete, ready to move in Home or Cottage. The practices that we have developed are thoughtful, thorough and complete. Trusting the process will ensure that you have the “right” Home or Cottage at the “right” price for you.

The very first step of any building process is one of discovery. Discovery-of-self, an understanding ofyour needs and your family needs. The latest trends and technologies that are available to anyone beginning such a project.

It is a time of thoughtfulness, joy and disappointment (we cannot afford that!). This step must be taken very seriously and as early in the process as possible. It is significantly cheaper to change your mind at this stage, then it is ripping out framing to accommodate the 8 ft doors you now love instead of the standard 7 ft doors that your originally selected.



Are you neat? Are you comfortable? (Code for messy). Do you like privacy or do you prefer openness and connectivity?  What is the family dynamic? How are meals prepared and shared?  What is your morning routine? Do you or others in the family need their space? What is the traffic flow like? How do you enter or leave the house? 

What activities do you enjoy? What are the storage implications of each of the activities? Daily, Weekly, Seasonal or annual access required?

What do you want the house or cottage to say about you? Modesty? Grandeur?

How does the rest of the family feel about the design? How would you describe your sense of style?

What are the external influences that are affecting your design? What is the neighborhood like? What are the minimum standards that this house or cottage must meet in order to maximize value and accommodate the neighborhood?

Are some of the design choices just trendy fads? or classic elements you can live with for years to come?


What is your pocket book telling you? You need to listen and listen carefully. Stick to your budget or the dream house can become a nightmare. Just because you want something does not mean you can afford it…

This stage should give you an idea of what you need and what you want and ultimately what you can afford.

It is a first step, but a very important one.

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