“THE DEAL” Fifth in a Series

Once the design is agreed to, the budget established, and the pricing exercise well under way, now is the time for a formal agreement with our clients.

With focus on Portion A, scope of the work and details finalized, and a price agreed to, the project begins. With clarity of work, expectations are set and our client can rest assured that the project resources will be sufficient and well utilized.

A similar process unfolds for Portions B and C of the project.





Well, highly unlikely, (Just kidding, happens all the time). 

Our mandate is to make sure the client understands the implications of the change in terms of both cost and timing.  Sometimes just cost is affected; others only time and in many cases both.  Our mission is to have the client understand the implications of the change before the work begins.

We have automated our change order approval process. Before the work begins an email is sent to the client requesting approval for the work to be completed with the corresponding time and cost implications articulated. Timely information makes for effective project management.

Change orders should not affect the project budget more than 5% on any given project. Thoughtfulness, meaningful budgeting and aggressive communication can, and should eliminate surprises.

Our process is founded on the belief that building a Home or Cottage is not only complex, but without a sound planning process, an understanding of costs, as well as construction techniques, can be risky.

Our mission is to build the right Home or Cottage for you, at the right budget.

But, it takes thoughtfulness and work.

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