Integrity Style- Open Concept Living

…Creating and maximizing space that keeps you connected to those you love and activities you cherish.


Openness, flexibility and connectedness are all elements that we at Integrity Home and Cottage cherish.

Preparing a meal while watching over the family in an inclusive environment allows the togetherness that most crave. The Victorian designed home with private and small spaces, a kitchen small and functional for the servants to work from, is truly a design strategy of the past.

open c1.png

I am not sure if many share this sentiment, but if we find a certain family member is preparing your meal, it is better to have that person(s) part of the greater collective than “fully isolated and slaving away in the Kitchen, for that ungrateful family that does not appreciate what I do…”(I think you get the picture). It is better to create the illusion of collective preparation. (Only superseded with actual collective preparation) Isolation and forced labour are rarely seen as a positive.  (Just my opinion)

Open Concept living is a good idea on so many levels and not only harmonious family living…

We see with open design, the opportunities that present themselves in the interior design and layout of space are tremendous. Openness offers the flexibly to layout both the functionality of the space as well as create a personal expression of the tone and aesthetic in a truly wonderful way.

One can create a series of special spaces within the open layout, reading areas, media areas or simply a blend of the formal and informal to suit the activities of you life with ease and flexibility. If an interior design element no longer suits your tastes then change is easy and extremely cost effective.

The physical elements that typically come with an open concept design such as light, space and connectedness make this a design trend that will be in demand for many years to come.

We need light to elevate our mood.
We need space to give us comfort.
We need to be connected to facilitate our purpose.

Open concept design enables a healthier spirit and we believe in its power to build truly wonderful spaces.