Information at your fingertips throughout the length of the project provides peace of mind.


Why Choose Integrity?
Your build will always be Professionally Managed and with your Personal Portal you have 24-hour access to your home’s status.


Permit Dates
Foundation Completion
Shell Completion
Mechanical Installation Completion
Finish and Trim Completion
Occupancy Date
Payment Schedules
Material Selection Approvals
Change Order Log
Financial Status
Daily Logs
Project Progression Photos


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Projects are typically of long duration involving many different participants, from government agencies to trades with multiple skills engaged. Each project, with many decision points and surprises and changes along the way, demands a professional approach to project management.

At Integrity we utilize the latest techniques not only build your home but also to manage the process.

We provide each customer with a dedicated project website that provides project timelines, daily updates, project photos, payment schedules to ensure that you and all stakeholders are connected in real time to the projects status and progression.

We also recognize that the people who work on you project make the difference.  We look for the very best and experienced to be part of our team. Our staff, our partners and suppliers are selected to ensure that your home is built to the highest standards possible.

Professional Project Management.
Because Building a Custom Home is a Complex and Demanding Task.


Attention to detail defines us at Integrity. Measured and imagined, hammered and drilled, each action tailored and critically considered, even when hidden from view we deliver the highest quality home possible. Our drive for the highest standards of design and skill in the creation of spaces, features and amenities in the homes we build ensures that we find the best talent and the best partners in every aspect of our business. It is a quest that excites us and it is a journey that we hope never ends.


A key element to any project is an eye for detail in the selection of materials that make up your home. Whether it is the appropriate framing material or stone selection for the mantel, each element needs thoughtfulness and care. Experience and passion and that eye for detail ensures that we getting the best and most appropriate materials for your home.


Our quest for innovation is something that drives our organization.
With that commitment, we have incorporated such techniques as Insulated Concrete Form, Structural Insulated Panels as well as controlled environment panelization in our projects. We are constantly looking for new methods and materials that best serve our customers, our partners and the environment.


Quality Construction is about the details. Dedicated resources and strong project leadership is both key to ensure your project is executed to the highest standards in a timely and effective manner. Management of internal and resources need experienced leaders.

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Construction is both complicated and complex. Any construction project requires many specifications, materials and talents to create your dream home. Detailed planning is a requirement to success. The pre-construction stage accommodates better decisions through such activities as Value Engineering, Budgeting, and Project planning



Every project has strategic and tactical decisions. We give you the information so you can make the right decision for your project in a timely way.

Site Analysis and Planning
Finalize Design
Materials Selections
Construction Drawings
Permit Acquisition


Every project needs strong financial management to be successful

Detailed Fixed Price Contracts
Predetermined Payment Schedule
Pre determined project cash flow
Online change order approval process
Real time web access budget updates.


Every project needs a road map that communicates how all the stakeholders related and come together at the right time

Project Timeline
Resource Plan
Materials Plan
Sub Trade Plan
Selections Plan

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The construction stage brings all the planning to life.  Each aspect of the plans is connected through a project web portal where all the stakeholders from the Pre-Construction Team, Site Leaders, Sub trades, Material Suppliers, Architect/Designer and Client understand their role and responsibilities in the project.


Permit Dates
Foundation Completion
Shell Completion
Mechanical Installation Completion
Finish and Trim Completion
Occupancy Date
Payment Schedules
Material Selection Approvals
Change Order Log
Financial Status
Daily Logs
Project Progression Photos


Tarion Warranty
ICF foundation
Structural insulated panels (option)
Quality Sub trade network
WISB workforce policy
Integrity Code of Conduct 



Site Supervisor
Selection Manager
Drafting Support
Materials Buyer
Project Financial Controller
Ownership Involvement

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