Junior Draftsman - Integrity Home and Cottage

Position Description:

The junior draftsman is responsible for making detailed architectural and/or technical drawings. A draftsman is essentially an artist who has the ability to prepare technical drawings that articulate the vision of the design and client but provide technical direction to the construction team.

Major Areas of Responsibility

  • Establishing liaison with the design team, engineers and the construction team in order to understand the nature of the project
  •  Should have ability to create manual and computer based drawings
  • Should have the skills to create two and three-dimensional drawings.
  • The draftsman should be able to create drawings according to the requirements of the lead designer and client. 

Primary Objectives:

  •  To produce technically superior drawings on time and on budget
  •  To bring insight, effectiveness and efficiency to any assignment
  • To bring energy, enthusiasm and creativity to all assignments as well as the  culture of the department

Specific Responsibilities of the Job:

  • The draftsman is responsible for creating the detailed visual representation of the building for approval by the building departments and the builders.
  • After the completion of the initial sketches, the draftsman should present them to the designer, client as well as the construction team for appropriate implementation.
  • They have to remain in touch with the design team, client and construction team in enhance the quality and the articulation of the work as well as add aesthetic value to the sketches. 
  • A draftsman should also incorporate changes or modifications according to the suggestions of the design team, client and construction team.
  • Should have the ability to put thoughts into action as far as creating drawings are concerned.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities 

Job Requirements

  • A draftsman should be innovative and able to comprehend the vision of the designer, the client and the requirements of the construction team.
  • Should have knowledge and developing technical expertise of residential design and construction and be able to translate into both two and three-dimensional drawings.
  • Should be able to listen and comprehend the demands of the design team and construction team before preparing the sketches and or drawings.
  • Should have the confidence to seek clarity proactively on any assignment
  • Proper use of logic and reasoning for the projects
  • Should understand the instructions of the employers and suggest changes or alterations that are to be included in a project along with architect and engineers.
  •  A draftsman should have an eye for detail while preparing the sketches.
  • Should be organized while performing the duties.

Education and Experience

  •  Demonstrated technical knowledge the residential construction industry
  •  Completion of a post secondary education within the Architectural field
  • Archicad software skills
  • BCIN registered would be an asset

Physical Demands

  • Cooperating with designers, clients and construction team is one of the most important aspects of this job.
  • A draftsman should be prepared to work overtime and/or take on more challenges.
  • Should be flexible when working with others.
  • Must have the capacity to manage the pressure of deadlines

Work Environment

The Junior Draftsman is expected to lead in the development and maintenance of a professional work environment that is both respectful of clients and employees alike.


The Junior Draftsman must provide leadership to projects and bring technical knowledge, attention to detail and commitment to timelines in order to exceed the expectations of both the external client as well as internal stakeholders.