The sketch is the most powerful tool we have!

It is the sketch that is the language we use to capture our client’s needs and wants. The sketch includes the floor layout to scale, and an elevation of the Home or Cottage to see the aesthetic vision of the building. However, the sketch is where the client dreams meet the reality of space, construction and budget. 

This stage is essential to the understanding of the nature, composition and cost of the project. The sketch is produced from our understanding of what is important to the client, whether it is function, form or flow,  and how we are able to translate all the elements of lifestyle, design and geographic into a comprehensive expression of the home or cottage.

Based on experience we feel a visual representation of the dream Home or Cottage, is a requirement to articulate the tradeoffs that need to be made. 

Seeing the sketch enhances awareness. Seeing the sketch promotes better decision making for your future.

Is the proposed design aesthetically pleasing? Functional? and ultimately financially appropriate?

  • “I do not need that much space in the grand room”
  • “We need more outdoor living space”
  • “I forgot the home office”
  • “I need a mud area and a back door sink..”

Without a sketch of the floor plan and accompanying elevation, much is assumed and sometimes unarticulated. Any client who needs to navigate through the decisions required will find it difficult to understand the choices and without seeing their ideas expressed through a sketch. Once the sketch is complete the real conversation about the Home or Cottage design begins. We need visual language to make the conversation meaningful. Without this step, creating a budget is not realistic or practical. The budget becomes numbers on a page, with no true foundation in the reality of this unique Home or Cottage.

We make the investment in the sketch because it is extremely important to the successful outcome of the project and creating a happy client.


4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths
1700 Square Feet, 70' x 68' Footprint

The Panache cottage design name can be attributed to the beautiful Lake Panache in the Sudbury district. 

The lake and the cottage design share simplicity and openness that we think inspires an appreciation for both nature and a relaxing environment.  A bungalow walk out that delivers much without being intrusive to the environment.

The Panache is both unpretentious and highly functional.

The Catchacoma Cottage Design

3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths
1700 Square Feet, 49' x 40' Footprint

This cottage design is named after a lake found in the Catachacoma/Mississauga Lake Chain. Lake Catchacoma offers many unadvertised delights and surprises such as mature Pines and Granite outcrops.  Catchacoma has quietly become one of the gems of the Kawarthas.

Like its namesake this design offers many quiet delights. Master ensuite, lofted space and screened in porch make this comfortable design worth a consideration.

The Catchacoma offers a lot but demands little in size.  

The Anstruther Cottage Design

2+ Bedrooms, 2 Baths
1500 Square Feet, 24' x 40' Footprint

The Anstruther cottage design is named after a quiet lake located in the north Kawartha region. Nestled within the Kawartha Highlands Park this lake shares many of the attributes of its namesake design, comfort and simplicity.

A cozy cottage design that makes the most of its space.  Three sleeping areas, very functional space and economy at every turn, the Anstruther delivers the cottage experience in comfort.

The Anstruther is a classic cottage, in less than 1500 square feet.


4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths
1500 Square Feet, 64' x 34' Footprint

The Buckhorn cottage design is named after the cultural rich community of Buckhorn Ontario.  The diverse and enterprising community inspired this modern cottage design. 

This cottage design’s ability to connect with nature as well as articulate an architectural sensibility beyond the classic cottage design drives its popularity.

The Buckhorn is a modern classic cottage, in less than 1500 square feet.


3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
1700 Square Feet, 40' x 30' Footprint

The Crystal name was inspired by Crystal Lake found in the Kawarthas.

Crystal Lake known for its clear and sparkling water, the cottage design shares this interplay with light and offers many of the attributes of its namesake lake.

Soaring windows, modest in size this cottage design is both quaint and grand in its ability to capture the essence of its environment. 

This Cottage design is modern, simple and comfortable.