Principal and Creative Lead

Phill’s passion is to create designs that you will love. Creativity and insight are dimensions that Phill brings to every project. Phill respects the importance of “getting it right” but also understands the need to make it great.  Phill’s philosophy is that style is more than a color palette or a flooring selection but an expression of who we are as people. That notion needs to be respected in the design process. With his keen ability to listen, Phill is adept at translating the client’s perspective into something that is delightfully unexpected. Technical knowledge, a sense of styles ensures that Integrity’s clients are thrilled not only with the creative inspiration but the final execution of their Home and Cottage.

Phill graduated from Fanshawe College in 1993 with a Certificate in Architectural Technology and was the recipient of the Architectural Achievement Award for his graduating class. Phills projects are found across North American and Europe.

Principal and Client Lead

Ed’s passion is to ensure that the our client’s get the design they love, delivered to the highest standards at the budget that is right for them. Ed recognizes that a home or cottage project with a large capital outlay attached can be stressful for clients.  With this understanding, Ed is committed to building Integrity Home and Cottage’s reputation as an organization that keeps its promises. Listening and bringing the right product or service at the right price is the foundation of Ed’s service belief. Ed believes that is his responsibility to ensure that the client understands all aspects of the project so that they can make the right decisions at the right time and this sometimes means giving the client counsel that is difficult but ultimately wise. Client service means giving the wise advice that is always in the best interests of the customer at all times.

Ed studied business administration at the Ivey School of Business and has over 25 years of experience in leading service organizations.

Principal and Operations Manager

Gerald’s passion is to ensure that the workmanship on your project is" best in class" so that your Home or Cottage will stand the test of time. Gerald’s expertise and experience ensures that the work is done the right way, with the latest technology, at the highest standards. Gerald also recognizes that resources are limited. He sees his role as the leader that ensures that the right choices are made throughout the project in order that the best possible build is accomplished at the appropriate budget. Gerald leads the work crews and has created a culture of excellence throughout the work teams. Gerald is a natural leader who is respected by clients and staff alike.

Gerald studied Civil Engineering at Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology and has over 20 years of experience in the field.