In Praise of Slow

"It is a cultural revolution against the notion that faster is always better. The Slow philosophy is not about doing everything at a Snail’s pace. It’s about seeking to do everything at the right speed. Savouring the hours and minutes rather than just counting them. Doing everything as well as possible, instead of as fast as possible. It’s about quality over quantity in everything from work to food to parenting."

Carl Honoré
In Praise of Slowness

Time is money and money is time! 

If your builder every suggested that he was a member of the slow movement he would certainly be shown the door at a moment’s notice.

In a world that moves so fast sometimes the concept of quality is the first casualty in this war of speed. Are we seeing a shift in the market as quality and an increase in appreciation for craftsmanship?

As we have seen a rise in the Artisanal Foods, Craft Beers, hand made… everything. What is old (or ancient) is now new again.

Much of our work is found in the ancient craft of timber frame. A technique of building that needs precision design and assembly. Solid timbers become structural relevant and aesthetically pleasing and create both a tie to the ancient craft of building as well as an aesthetic that says this is a special place created with skill and care. We think that both elements of “what timber frame is” and “what it stands for” has played a role in what we are seeing as its increased popularity. 

Sometimes we have to simply slow down and see what is in front of us.

Do people really care that time and skills are key elements in the construction of their home or cottage? I think so.

The challenge for the builder to ensure that craftsmanship is affordable.

Time is money but increasingly quality is valued and most importantly demanded.

Ed FreibauerComment