In Praise of the Porch

Over and over again we talk to our clients about their new space and we often hear about the grandeur of the great room, or the finishes in the kitchen but nothing is more heartfelt then the comments about the porch.  An almost standard feature in any home or cottage, the porch has become a special place in the mind and heart of our clients.

The porch takes many forms, screened in, open air, winterized, non-winterized-some are very expansive and others are quaint. We have built them for the view, we have built them for privacy but over and over again we hear the emotion that comes with that special place “the porch”.

Is it because it connects to the outdoors? Protects you from the rain? Or simply provides the full force of fresh air with all the amenities of the indoors...regardless of the reason, the porch is a design feature that is cherished and valued.  We hear the stories of “the family playing the card games” or an “evening beverage” as you relax from the day.   It is a well use place.

The sounds of crickets or the rumble of thunder, sights of the setting sun or the sound of patter of rain yet with all the comforts and protection of the indoors, the “Porch” is clearly a memorable space for our clients. It is most often not about what it is, large or small, but rather what the “Porch” gives access to…. family time, nature time, freshness and yet protection.  It is where the family connects.

Now like any feature in the home or cottage you can “accessorize” or simplify. We have built three season porches, large fireplaces or no fireplaces. Sometimes the “Porch” is an after thought in the design process, kitchens and bathrooms first or maybe the great room, but in reality “ the porch “ is as an important an element in the design of a home or cottage as any.

Outdoor space? In door space? Not sure, but certainly a special place.

Ed FreibauerComment