It Can Get Complicated

Windows are a key element in any home or cottage construction project and in many ways one of the most important items to consider in any home or cottage construction project.  The “window decision” will have a significant impact on any construction project, but it can be a complex and overwhelming decision making process.

There are many questions to answer. What are the functional requirements of the windows?  Operable? Non -operable? Cleaning requirements? Thermal performance? Acoustic requirements? What will the design impact be of our window choice on the exterior of the home? What is the interior design impact?  What are warranty considerations? How do your make the right choice for your project?

Like any decision-making process, and understanding of what is most important to you, in the critical is the critical starting point? But how do you know what is important? For many clients, they may buy windows once or twice in their lifetime and the technology has changed dramatically over the twenty-year gap in purchases and to make reasonable and appropriate decision can be difficult.

For most of our clients customers to keep up with the ever-changing market of windows is unrealistic and fraught with risk.

At Integrity Home and Cottage it is our responsibility to guide and help you navigate through the decision making process.   We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that our clients get the “right window” at the “right budget”. With the experience of building many homes every year we are able to provide insight and sound advice on a decision that can be overwhelming.

As a partner in the design, build and budget management of your project, we need to ensure that the decision on windows is made in the context of the project.

When we make window recommendations we take more than a few factors into account:

  • What are the design requirements? What role does each and every window play in the functionality of the room it resides?
  • What are the colour requirements? Often colour is an import on the exterior design requirement. Window type can have a significant impact on delivery the right colour for you.
  • Geography of the site. Sun and weather conditions influence are choices in the Ontario climate. What are the minimum standards to deal with the weather that hits us across the four seasons.
  • Overall qualities of the structure.  The window choice has to be the right “fit” for your project. Nothing can hurt the economics of the resale value of a home as the wrong window choice. Windows are visible.  A poor choice can create an impression with a future buyer in a resale that can bring into question the overall quality of the structure. We do not recommend windows that will denigrate the overall value of your home or cottage.
  • Budget is also a critical factor. We try to find “value” in our choices.  We do not mean “cheap and average quality” but high quality at a reasonable price.  The industry of window manufacturing is better than ever and there is opportunity to find a quality product at a reasonable price. We do not allow our clients to be “penny wise and pound foolish”.

Every decision required in building a home or cottage requires the proper understanding of the context of the decision.  A clear understanding of the desired outcome of the home or cottage, the budget, the construction issues and implications, all impact the choice of window.

It takes a guide to navigate some of the most difficult of journeys.  In the journey of building your home or cottage it is our duty to guide you through what can be an overwhelming process, so you can get the “right window”, at the “right price” for your project. 

Ed FreibauerComment