Why Expertise Matters?

The older I get the more I value experience.

Also, the older I get, the less I know, because I am aware of the fact that I cannot possibly know all the issues, technical requirements, technical possibilities and most importantly know-how to deal with the “unexpected” when it comes to renovating or building a home. I need to borrow from the experience and expertise to get me throw a complicated, dynamic and often overwhelming project. Sometimes we just need to respect the difficulty of the challenge.

Yes there is the Internet. What you need is wisdom not just knowledge. When you build or renovate, this is never truer. The girl in the video, I am sure was told by someone “not to panic if the boat tips over” and follow the plan set before her. There can be many “tipped over” moments in a home renovation project.

Wisdom and knowledge are required.

Expertise matters. Not just for what is done but more importantly dealing with the unexpected and the occasional misstep.

So if you are considering either building or renovating a home, here are three suggestions…

  1. Develop an understanding of what the questions you should be asking at the beginning of the project. What kind of house should I build? What are the types of things that affect the budget? What are the typical project missteps? Asking how much is it going to cost first, without answering what kind of home and all the design questions often leads to answers that are meaningless.
  2. Build a great team that you trust. Trust their expertise. Trust their professionalism.  Trust their integrity. Once you have the team you trust, let them demonstrate their expertise everyday though their approach to their work.
  3. Acknowledge what you do not know. Let the experts take care of you. Trying to manage costs to save a nickel can often cost a dollar or two. Ask for explanations on the “how and what” of the project.  Again, if you have a team you trust them you will never question the “why”, because the answer will always be, because “they are taking care

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