I Don't Want to Live in the Sky

As I look through the newspapers and drive through the city and see the towers going up around the city, I have come to the conclusion I do not want to live in the sky.

It’s an issue many of our clients face; and truthfully an issue we all need to come to grips with as the kids move on and the space that you have lived in for the last twenty years just seems too much for what you need or want. This dilemma is only compounded by the fact that real estate prices have moved dramatically over the same period, making the decision - or more appropriately the temptation - to change seem even more pressing.

I however do not want to live in the sky. This much I know.

I want to be able to walk out my back door on a summer or fall morning with a cup of coffee and inspect the view. I want to be able to listen to the birds, hear the neighbours (or maybe not) and feel the breeze. I want to worry about my lawn (just a little bit). I want to know and see my neighbours more than a pass in the hallway or elevator. I want to be able to repair/upgrade or change my home without worrying about the politics of committees or boards.

Ultimately I want to be connected to my world, on my terms. I want to have an authentic relationship with my space, my neighbours and my community. 

Maybe I am old fashioned, but I want a house to call my home. Always have. And I am starting to think that notion is not about to change anytime soon.

Yes, I know for some, you can have all of that on the 12th floor of a condo minus the backyard, the lawn etc., but I think life “on the ground” is richer and ultimately more connected to how I want to live.

Our firm designs and builds beautiful cottages and homes. And what has become abundantly clear is that these retreats are sanctuaries for our clients. Whether for full time purposes or a weekend getaway, the place is for re-connecting with family, with nature, or simply with themselves. The culture and badge of busyness is not the high order of success but the baggage that is put in the corner. The new mantra seems to be “authentic re-connection”. Our clients consistently request to include elements such as real timber, real stone, a fireplace that works, and a view that connects them intimately to their surroundings.

It all seems very wise to me.

They have private space but not lonely space.

When the time comes, and it is seemingly coming faster than one would ever suspect, I want to be connected. I want my next space to be authentic, and most importantly I want it grounded.

Marty RudmanComment